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T e a c h i n g 

Dear student and aspiring musician,


Welcome to my website!
If you are interested in improving your skills on the flute, I'm happy to help and share my knowledge and experience with you.

Since 2009, I have been teaching the flute, performing and also studying; as a musician you never stop learning and discovering new ways to approach music and people. It is always a pleasure to see how music makes its way to anyone of you out there!

I am a flautist of Dutch chamber musician Eleonore Pameijer and since 2020 I have been privileged to study with Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway and the Galway Flute Academy. 


My vision as a teacher is to enable students to realise their own unique approach to performing. Encouraging and supporting my students as they discover their own musical personality while building great technical skills is one of my priorities besides being a grateful witness to each student's musical journey. 


I have taken Alexander-Technique lessons with Dutch teacher Arie-Jan Hoorweg. I take and utilise this knowledge in order to train and enhance the students skills with their instrument and give them the opportunity to play with more freedom.


Adapting my teaching style to the student, viewing them as an individual with their unique strengths and character is crucial to enable one to tell musical stories with joy and freedom. I strongly believe that focusing on progress instead of pointing out weaknesses makes the student learn fastest and most efficiently. To enjoy the journey and patiently observe daily improvements are two of the most crucial basics for every aspiring musician in my teaching. Technique can be trained but to play music one needs to feel inspired. 

flute lessons

- 45min or 60min weekly, fortnightly or monthly

- wide range of musical education and technical ability

- foundation technique: improve sound quality, posture, breathing,
finger coordination

- daily warm ups, scale- and arpeggio practice

- enhance side reading and guidance with daily practice routine

- basic and related music theory (Etudes; Repertoire)

- how to phrase music

- get confidence in performing in front of an audience

- playing duets / chamber music

- intermediate and advanced level

- preparation for exams, concerts and other events

- Alto- and Bass Flute lessons

For bookings and other inquiries please go to the contact section and send an email. Looking forward to seeing you in class.

Warm wishes, 


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