T e a c h i n g 

Dear student, colleague and aspiring musicians,


Welcome to my website!
If you are interested in learning an instrument or improving your skills, I'm happy to help and share my knowledge and experience with you.

Since 2004, I have been teaching the flute, performing and also studying; as a musician you never stop learning and discovering new ways to approach music and people. It is always a pleasure to see how music makes its way to anyone of you out there!

The way we listen to music and play it, is relative as we are as individuals, in terms of our goals in life and how we achieve them.

Aside from musical and technical improvement, I always strive to support the learner's happiness in the lesson by stimulating his/her musical spirit. My target is to adapt my teaching according to my student, to help find a way that allows the learner to play with freedom rather than rote learning a score. The understanding of technical parameters and definitions is one part of the lesson, but I also place emphasis on how the learner brings out a story to the audience, which should be authentic and natural.

My teaching approach cannot be defined in simple words, as everyone of us is unique and has different qualities. To discover these and build them up is one of the main strategies in my way of teaching. I enjoy this a lot and it makes me happy to see the improvement in a student. Though a big part of my inspiration about teaching comes from Paul Harris' ideas and also a very good friend, Chris Orton, who teaches the recorder at the RNCM in Manchester and of course my mentor Eleonore Pameijer, who supported me in refining my technical and musical skills.

In addition to technical, musical and theoretical support on the flute, I also offer piano and recorder lessons for beginners. All music lessons shall be a fun and relatively easy introduction to playing instruments in a caring, relaxed, supportive and focused environment. For instance we can learn Christmas Carols, easy duets or any other arrangements for solo or group performances, next to working and preparing for grades.

flute lessons

- 45 or 60min
- wide range of musical education and technical ability

- foundation technique / daily warm ups + scale practice,

- side reading, practice and play music
- basic and related music theory (Etudes; Repertoire)

- how to perform in front of an audience

- playing duets / chamber music

- all ages

- beginners, intermediate, professionals

- preparation for ABRSM exams grade 1-8


piano lessons

- 45 or 60min lesson 
- basic technique that includes scale- & arpeggio practice,
- articulation and phrasing of music
- music related theoretical understanding
- preparation for ABRSM exams grade 1-3
- all ages
- beginners, intermediate

recorder lessons
- 45 or 60min lesson
- basic technical approach (sound, breathing & articulation)
- genreral music theory understanding  support related to music
- how to perform for an audience
- preparation for ABRSM exams grade 1-5
- all ages
- beginners, intermediate


If you are interested in booking a lesson or leave feedback, please send an email. I look forward to hear from you.


Yours sincerely,