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R e v i e w s 

,, Katy is a wonderful teacher! In a short space of time she has given me confidence to transform my playing that inspired me. I look forward to every lesson'' - Sarah, flute student


,, Katy is very helpful and kind. I have gotten a lot better in piano thanks to her.'' - Izzy, piano student


,, Katy speaks when she plays the flute. I feel like she is having a conversation with the composer and with us, the audience.'' - Chris Orton, international Recorder Soloist


,, Katy always approaches my daughters lessons with enthusiasm and really knows how to motivate my daughter to progress. I can't recomment Katy enough.'' - Mum of 7 year old, Barnes


,, I love my piano lessons with Katy. She makes my lessons fun and I'm really getting better at playing the piano.'' - Lila, piano student


,, It's not often I'm blown over. Katy plays beautifully and I love the choice of music. Each piece has a strange, haunting melancholy, my favourite musical emotion. I'm very impressed!'' - Warren King, abstract Painter

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