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B i o g r a p h y

As a flautist of Dutch chamber musician Eleonore Pameijer, Katy has been working as a freelance musician and teacher in Europe since 2009.

She was invited by Hans Luken in 2010 to play for the Dutch foundation ''Kunst in de Kamer'' in Amsterdam and performed works by Poulenc, Marais, Gaubert and Mozart.

During those years Katy regularly at church events, weddings and other private events before releasing her CD 'Solo For Flute' in 2013 with works by Bach, Debussy, Ibert and Koechlin.

Katy presented her own self-titled photo-exhibition concert in 2011, marrying together her talents as both photographer and musician. The music related to the photographs was chosen from Charles Koechlin’s 3-cycle series 'Les Chants Des Nectaire'.
In 2012 Katy performed as a guest solo artist at the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam as part of an Art exhibition about Alexander the Great and afterwards worked towards her CD project that she released the following year.

Katy emphasises her students to play music with their own personal approach. She works towards enabling the student to perform with musical freedom, yet respecting the composer’s message. As she says 'technique and physical skills can be trained but to play music one needs to feel inspired', Katy supports the learner's individual goals and helps them to discover and walk their journey as a musician and flute player in a fun and relaxed environment.

She has taken Alexander-Technique lessons with Dutch teacher Arie-Jan Hoorweg in Amsterdam and she uses her learning experience in order to stimulate, train and enhance the students' musical skills to play in a natural way.

Katy lives in London, works as a private flute tutor and a freelance performer.

She plays a full silver Muramatsu DS flute with B-footjoint combined with a full silver hand-cut head-joint by Miguel Arista and a nickel-plated 'black' Trevor James alto flute and a silver-plated bass flute by their Performance Series.

Katy is currently an active student at the Sir James Galway Academy. Both Sir James and Lady Jeanne have shaped Katy’s way of performing and teaching over the past years.

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