classical flutist and teacher


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

,,... in a short space of time she has given me confidence to transform my playing that inspired me. I look forward to every lesson.'' - Sarah, Flute Student 

Katy speaks when she plays the flute. I feel like she is having a conversation with the composer and with us, the audience.'' - Chris Orton, international Recorder Soloist

She makes my lessons fun and I'm really getting better at playing the piano.'' - Lila, piano student

E V E N T Sā€‹

St Mary-at-Finchley Concert Series
Duo Maxixe
Katy Taylor - Flute
David Harvey - Guitar


Music from South America and Beethoven's Vienna

Sunday 10th February 2019, 6pm in church 



Diary of Performances
Duo Maxixe
Katy Taylor - Flute
David Harvey - Guitar

Circulo Magico 
original works for Flute and Guitar from Beethoven's Vienna ad South America by Giuliani, Assad and Machado 

Thursday, 07th March 2019, 1pm and St George the Martyr in Southwalk, SE1 1JA


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